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November, 2017

ED and Sexual Health over the Holidays

Holiday ED

On the November 19th episode of Behind the Curve, Dr. Brian Christine discussed some of the special considerations men with erectile dysfunction must take over the holidays. Traveling with prescriptions and/or medical equipment, and just dealing with holiday stress can have an adverse effect on your love life. Watch the episode below, or contact Dr. […]

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Veterans; Sexual Health on Behind the Curve

Veterans' Sexual Health

On the Veteran’s Day episode of Behind the Curve with Klapow and Kurre, Dr. Brian Christine discussed the sexual health needs of those who have served; specifically those who have experienced injuries which have had a physical impact on their ability to perform sexually. To hear the entire episode, click here.

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Behind the Curve: The Four Stages of Intimacy

Dr. Brian Christine’s latest segment on Behind the Curve with Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow discussed the physiology of intimacy and what happens during the four stages of sexual intimacy, being: 1. Excitement: During the foreplay stage, the muscles tense up, the hear rate increases, breathing becomes more rapid, and blood flow to the […]

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