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February, 2018

Which Inflatable Penile Implant is Best? The Erection Connection #3

In the latest episode of the Erection Connection, Dr. Christine looks at the what, the how, and the why of two of the most common inflatable penile prostheses, the Coloplast Titan, and the Boston Scientific 700. Both implants have advantages and disadvantages and may present better options for patients depending on their specific needs and […]

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The Erection Connection #2: Male Incontinence and Climacturia

In the second installment of the Erection Connection, Dr. Christine explores the what, why, and how of treating incontinence and climacturia following a radical prostatectomy. Complete removal of the prostate is an effective treatment for prostate cancer, but some patients experience regular leakage of urine as a result, including during orgasm (this is called climacturia). […]

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The Erection Connection #1: What, Why, How

In the first of a new weekly video blog, The Erection Connection, Dr. Brian Christine presents the ‘What, Why, How’ of penile prosthesis to treat erectile dysfunction. Please contact us either on this website, via Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter to have your questions about men’s health and urological surgery answered.

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