Urology Centers of Alabama

March, 2018

The Erection Connection #6: Training Surgeons and Surgical Teams

In the sixth episode of the Erection Connection, Dr. Brian Christine gives a look behind the scenes at an educational session where he trained surgeons and surgical teams in a variety of procedures, including a male sling to treat persistent incontinence following radical prostatectomy, an inflatable penile prosthesis procedure, the placement of an artificial urinary […]

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The Erection Connection #5: Penile Implant Revision

On the latest episode of the Erection Connection, Dr. Brian Christine demonstrates a surgery on a patient who had been referred to him following an infected penile implant and a perforated urethra. This surgery was a complicated one due to the previous surgical procedures and required both a surgeon and a surgical team with extensive […]

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The Erection Connection #4: Meet the Team

In the latest episode of the Erection Connect: What, Why, and How, Dr. Brian Christine introduces his surgical team, explains their roles, and talks with them about why they’re each essential for successful surgical outcomes for patients. An expert surgeon needs an expert surgical team to make sure patients get the highest standard of treatment!

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Surgical Videos: Teaching While Doing

Dr. Christine educating

I recently was invited to Lisbon, Portugal as a speaker for the 2018 meeting of the International Sexual Medicine Society (ISSM). The meeting was actually a joint meeting of the ISSM and the European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM), and was attended by over 2000 urologists, nurses, sex therapists, and representatives from the surgical device […]

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