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July, 2018

The Erection Connection #15: Debunking ‘Alternative’ ED Cures

In the most recent episode of the Erection Connection, Dr. Brian Christine is joined by his Fellow to discuss the risks and dubious claims made by producers of ‘alternative’ and unproven treatments for Erectile Dysfunction, including platelet rich plama, ‘stem cell’ therapy, and shockwave therapy. While it’s possible that some treatments will offer potential benefits, […]

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Alabama the Beautiful

Over the last ten years, as my practice in prosthetic urology and sexual health has grown and my reputation has spread from within Alabama, throughout the American Southeast, across the USA, and then to Europe, Australia and now China, I have been asked quite a few times when I was going to pack up and […]

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The Erection Connection #14 – Does a Penile Implant Shorten Length?

On this week’s episode of the Erection Connection, Dr. Brian Christine answers one of the most commonly asked questions: does a penile implant shorten length? By demonstrating an inflatable penile implant procedure, Dr. Christine shows that the answer to this is: no! Both the surgery and the implant itself are made with maintaining the pre-surgical […]


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