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Over the last ten years, as my practice in prosthetic urology and sexual health has grown and my reputation has spread from within Alabama, throughout the American Southeast, across the USA, and then to Europe, Australia and now China, I have been asked quite a few times when I was going to pack up and pull a Jed Clampet…. move to “New York City or Los Angeles or San Francisco” or to “a big University.” I have not done so, I don’t have any plans to do so, and I don’t expect I ever will do so. “Why?” some will ask. In fact, someone asked me that last week, and I thought my reasons would make for a decent blog. So, here you go!

I have been blessed to train and practice in Birmingham, Alabama. This state of rolling hills, great barbeque, and grateful patients has been very, very good to me. I have been able to focus my practice on a narrow, but incredibly important, subspecialty in Urology: sexual health and prosthetic urology. Most people understand the sexual health part, but not everyone understands what prosthetic urology is. Prosthetic urology involves the use of prosthetic devices to treat various diseases/conditions, and while some of these devices are used to treat sexual dysfunctions (like erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s Disease) other prosthetic implants are used for entirely different reasons.

Men who have undergone treatment for prostate cancer or the benign enlargement of the prostate gland can, unfortunately, suffer from urinary leakage…prosthetic devices are extremely effective in treating these patients. My practice is now entirely devoted to treating patients with urinary incontinence, or ED, or Peyronie’s, or low testosterone, or low sexual desire, or problems with orgasm and ejaculation, etc, etc. Not only that, but as my focused narrowed and my experience grew, my reputation as an expert grew; now I am invited to lecture, operate, and consult on patients, literally, around the world.

But it all has been possible because I focused first on treating my fellow citizens of Alabama, men who continue to trust me and do me the honor of allowing me to help take care of their needs. Yep, right here in the heart of America, here in Southeast, we have a recognized world expert…and he isn’t going anywhere! I have to say it: patients here in Alabama and the South are appreciative and gracious, and (for the most part) willing to hang-in-there if their treatment hits a few bumps. Medicine, and certainly surgery, are not perfect nor a guaranteed success, but the stories I hear from my associates in other parts of the country about unpleasant, unappreciative, “find a lawyer at the drop of a hat” patients has absolutely NOT been my experience here at home. Thank you, all, for that.

I plan to continue learning and to continue to get better and better at what I do because education never, ever ends…and I plan to do that right here in Birmingham.

Brian Christine, MD


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