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Genital Aesthetics

Many men are not happy with the appearance of their penis or scrotum. Genital aesthetics is that part of Dr. Christine’s practice that deals with improving the appearance of a man’s penis or scrotum. Men will quite often focus on things such as length or girth of their penis; everything from movies to books, to men’s magazines tell us that only men with large penises can satisfy women or other men. And while that is not absolutely true, virtually all men would like to have a longer or wider penis. Improving the visual appeal of  a man’s penis, scrotum, or testicles will not change the issues that can work to damage a relationship (communication difficulties, trust issues, etc), but as a sexual health expert Dr. Christine knows that how a man sees himself can certainly impact his self confidence, his willingness to engage in dating and intimate relationships, and his overall happiness.

“When a man seeks out my care wanting to change the way his body looks I am all-in. I absolutely believe this area of sexual medicine is important; my attitude is  ‘Brother, let’s get it on, and let’s work to make you look the best you can be!’  Dr. Brian Christine

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