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Going East to Cure ED and Male Incontinence

China urology

On Thursday, August 24th I will be leaving for a 10 day trip to China. I do extensive surgical teaching and have been invited to China to operate and instruct Chinese urologists how to place inflatable penile implants and the artificial urinary sphincter. A penile implant is a prosthetic device used to treat erectile dysfunction; the success rates with penile implants are the highest available for all methods of treating ED (pills, shots, vacuum devices, implants).  The artificial urinary sphincter is a prosthetic device used to treat persistent urinary incontinence in men who have had their prostate removed to cure prostate cancer.  *detailed information, including images, about penile implants and artificial sphincters are available on this website

The trip promises to be busy with me and several other surgeons conducting a cadaver anatomy lab about 2 hours after landing in Hong Kong followed by dinner lectures that evening. Then, the next day I begin a week long tour traveling to several cities to operate and lecture. I cap off the work with a trip to Shanghai to visit a VIP hospital where I hope to establish a Center of Prosthetic Surgical Excellence. After that, I get a few days to visit things like  Beijing, the Great Wall, pandas, and a city named Suzhou in southern China; Marco Polo called Suzhou the Venice of China because the city uses canals for its roadways…. Cool!!

Why take time from my very busy practice to travel to China? I think it’s because I am absolutely convinced that learning never, ever ends. When I am teaching I sharpen and improve my surgical skills. When I answer questions posed by other surgeons it makes me really think about why and how I do things and about why I believe my way is correct. Also, I will often learn things from the surgeons I am instructing (Confucius say  “Only a stupid man thinks he can’t learn from someone else.”).  I am committed to spreading the gospel of cure and to learning…China, Europe, the USA, there are men in need.