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Leakage of Urine With Sexual Intimacy

Men who have undergone radical prostatectomy may have urinary leakage not only with normal day-to-day activities, but may have leakage of urine with sexual activity. Climacturia (leakage of urine with orgasm) and leakage with sexual arousal are not uncommon after the removal of the prostate gland. Men who leak urine with sex are very frustrated; understandably, many men will not receive oral sex or engage in penetration of their partner if they leak urine with sexual intimacy. This area is one in which Dr Christine has the largest series of patients successfully treated using the same male sling described previously. The cure rate has been truly amazing with over 95% of men with sexual activity induced urinary incontinence completely resolving after sling placement. A minor surgery that takes less than an hour to perform, as an outpatient, can end this embarrassing problem.

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