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Hmm, what’s up with my scrotum?

I operated on a patient last week and he really got me thinking. This young man (he’s 22 years old) came to see me saying “there is something not right with my penis, it’s got too much skin on it.” I figured he was referring to the foreskin and that he wanted a circumcision. But, when I examined him I understood exactly what was bothering him and I knew I could fix the problem pretty easily.

He had a condition called scrotal webbing. Scrotal webbing occurs when a man has had a circumcision and the skin of the front wall of the scrotum gets pulled up onto the underside of the shaft of the penis. It is certainly not dangerous, but it can cause some discomfort during intercourse and, worse, it gives the appearance of a shorter penis because the pulled up skin hides some of the penile shaft. Take a look at the Genital Aesthetics section of my website for more information on scrotal webbing and other issues men may have with the appearance of their genitals.

Let’s just say it, NO man wants their penis to look shorter or smaller. We want all we have to show, me included. This young patient was so distressed and embarrassed…just like the many other men who have come to see me with this same complaint. It was a real pleasure to tell him that I could fix his issue with a simple, outpatient surgery called a “ventral phalloplasty”; during the phalloplasty I remove the excess skin on the shaft, sew the resulting edges together with very fine sutures, reposition the front wall of the scrotum to a better looking position under the penis (kind of like a facelift for your package), and voila… the penis looks longer, the scrotum is not hanging down so much, and the patient is pretty dang happy.

A man is very, very concerned about how his penis and scrotum look, and that is absolutely legitimate! No one gives a second thought to a women having surgery to improve the appearance of her breasts…I don’t ever discourage a man from seeking out ways to help their penis look longer or wider, or their scrotum to look younger or fuller.

Get an appointment to see me or set up a video consultation and let’s work to get you looking your best.