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TEC #29: Restoring Erections and Stopping Leakage During Sex

This week’s episode of the Erection Connection shows Dr. Christine and his Fellow treating a man with erectile dysfunction and urinary leakage during sex (climacturia). 30-40% of patients experience urinary leakage following a radical prostatecomy, and the usage of a mini sling helps to treat and prevent this often embarrassing problem. As an added feature, […]

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The Erection Connection #2: Male Incontinence and Climacturia

In the second installment of the Erection Connection, Dr. Christine explores the what, why, and how of treating incontinence and climacturia following a radical prostatectomy. Complete removal of the prostate is an effective treatment for prostate cancer, but some patients experience regular leakage of urine as a result, including during orgasm (this is called climacturia). […]

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