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TEC #29: Restoring Erections and Stopping Leakage During Sex

This week’s episode of the Erection Connection shows Dr. Christine and his Fellow treating a man with erectile dysfunction and urinary leakage during sex (climacturia). 30-40% of patients experience urinary leakage following a radical prostatecomy, and the usage of a mini sling helps to treat and prevent this often embarrassing problem. As an added feature, […]

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BTC: Sexual Injuries and ED

gorillas, prunes, and pelvic fracture

In the 10/20 episode of Behind the Curve, Dr. Brian Christine (fresh off the plane from a surgical tour of China!) discusses the impact of pelvic fractures and trauma on erectile function and urinary incontinence, as well as answering questions about prunes, gorillas, and star fruit and how they relate to sexual performance. Listen to […]

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