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What’s going on with male incontinence?

Male Sling

After radical prostatectomy (complete removal of the prostate to treat prostate cancer) some men leak urine and it never gets better. Let me say that again: after radical prostatectomy some men leak urine and it never gets better… it never goes away.

That’s not true for most men who undergo this surgery, but if you are the guy who’s leaking urine and wearing pads or diapers it is 100% for you. Side note: the more experienced your prostate cancer surgeon the less likely you will be a permanent leaker; so, pick your surgeon carefully…. check and make sure he/she is doing a LOT of radical prostatectomies, like 2-3 or more a week.

If you had a radical prostatectomy, open or robotic, and you’re still leaking after after 6 months, with no or very little improvement, it’s time to start thinking about getting dry. As a surgeon who limits his practice to men’s sexual health and treating post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence I will tell you, with strong emotion behind my words, there ARE effective, safe, and satisfying treatments for men like you.

Treatment is usually surgical, and these surgeries are outpatient, of minimal invasiveness, and take me about 30-40 minutes. The Artificial Urinary Sphincter (also called the AMS 800) is used to treat men with more severe incontinence and men who have had radiation treatment in addition to their radical prostatectomy. Check out the section on male incontinence in my website for pictures and a complete description of the urinary incontinence treatments I use.

For men who have more mild-to-moderate urinary incontinence after radical prostatectomy, I prefer to use a Male Sling (in my opinion, by far the best and most effective male sling is the AdVance Male sling). An AdVance sling is a fantastic option for the man who uses 1-3 pads per day. Cure rates are very high; I recently reviewed my follow up data on over 500 male slings and the dry/no more pad rate was 83% (well, 82.7%). Even better, the infection rate was far, far below 1%. Or, you may be one of the men who leaks urine during sex or sexual arousal since your prostatectomy (about 30% of men)…. the AdVance sling, in my hands and in my patient experience, is effective in eliminating this very bothersome leakage in 90% of the cases.

My brothers, if you have leakage after your radical prostatectomy and it is not going away come see me, or set up a video consultation with me over the computer (that’s a new service I am offering). I want to help you get dry…if you can’t travel to me for your evaluation and surgery I will help you find the right surgeon closer to home (there are about 5-6 of us in the USA and internationally that I recommend and these surgeons are the BEST when it comes to the Artificial Sphincter and Male Sling). You deserve a better quality of life.